Saturday, 26 February 2011

Shoes Mix of Roy

Shoes Mix of Roy by Earwig
As pleased as a dog with two bones to be included in this mix by the man behind my favourite Edit label SHOES  

"When my Shoes edit of Al Green "Love & Happiness" first came out, Turntable Lab called it "a re-edit on Ritalin (hyper-attentive)". Well, 5 years later and after the recent release of the Shoes of Roy Ayers EP, I'm still juiced up on musical Ritalin. Take a listen to this hyper-active chop up mix filled with Roy Ayers edits, and a sprinkling of other tracks.
You can purchase the Shoes of Roy Ayers 12" here:
Thanks to some comrades (Onur Engin, Vakula, and Danimalswainger) for use of their edits:
You can stream this mix from my Mixcloud page:
Also check out my Facebook page for my Plimsoll Records label:

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