Saturday, 26 February 2011

Funky As Daddy Dog

Shoes Mix of Roy

Shoes Mix of Roy by Earwig
As pleased as a dog with two bones to be included in this mix by the man behind my favourite Edit label SHOES  

"When my Shoes edit of Al Green "Love & Happiness" first came out, Turntable Lab called it "a re-edit on Ritalin (hyper-attentive)". Well, 5 years later and after the recent release of the Shoes of Roy Ayers EP, I'm still juiced up on musical Ritalin. Take a listen to this hyper-active chop up mix filled with Roy Ayers edits, and a sprinkling of other tracks.
You can purchase the Shoes of Roy Ayers 12" here:
Thanks to some comrades (Onur Engin, Vakula, and Danimalswainger) for use of their edits:
You can stream this mix from my Mixcloud page:
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Monday, 21 February 2011


Looking forwards to getting on the good foot at this later in the year, a great party, with great crowd in the big former Roxy, and all for a good cause! 
Get tickets, Get involved, help them out, donate and more
or here 

South Paw. South South Paw

Jarvis Cocker played the intro of this at the start of his on the radio show yesterday. Its a a crazy blend of all things Sheffield and its many meandering musical tentacles. It was put together by the soupa talented, much missed South Yorkhire/Portshire nowFrench man Mr Slixx Dixx

new ones due anytime..


a pretty link to a cool mix, including my K.I.D edit
direct download torrent link here


Taste Of Bitter Dub

Taste Of Bitter Dub by Danimalswainge

Good Dog! Bad Dog!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


The ultra secretive, underground rave cave specialist Rude Movements (cousin of Kabal), are at it again. Tonight they bring a Great Dane sized line up in the shape of  Zed Bais, Luke Una Bomber, Pete Simpson (live vocals), Toddla T, Winston Hazel  and Pipes to smash  a secret crushed velvet covered space, deep in depths of the Steel City.

Dog House Disco

Thanks to wicked House Of Disco for the niceness to words on the 'Me Myself & You Edit, 

Friday, 18 February 2011

Danimalswainger Is Too Tight

Some really nice words from our friends down under  thanks guys.
Danimalswainger Is Too Tight

Monday, 7 February 2011


An Evening Of Edits, with my good/bad self  ( , Don’t Walk Boogies main man, Phono resident the future King of Sheffield, Mr Dan J ( and very special guest Sir Vinyl Instinct ( of Itchy Pig Records ( Its 8pm while 1am @ Bungalowa & Bears,Sheffeild. Its free in and should go off. Complementary Animal Masks.